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Drain cleaning

The Prospect Park Plumbing and Heating are proud to offer quality services in the field of drain cleaning, basement waterproofing, sewer cleaning, plumbing, high pressure water jetting and video inspection locating in the New York area.
Prospect Park Plumbing and Heating is a family-owned company, and we have performed quality work for thousands of customers over the last decade.  All of our workers are well-trained, professional and treat your property with care and respect. After the drain pipes have been recommends video camera inspection of the sewer or drain lines ensure effective cleaning and to locate potential problems, such a broken, misaligned pipes, or pipe with back fall. Prospect Park Plumbing and Heating has the Expertise, Powerful Modern Equipment and Talented, Licensed Plumbers and Drain Cleaning Technician to quickly handle just about any stopped up sewer or drain line.

No plumbing, basement waterproofing & drain cleaning job is too big or small for us!